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  1. the mod I want added the most is Flan's, I think it would be appropriate and will add depth and improve the game.
  2. When I said which mods I wanted to add, I was talking about the currently stable version of voltz
  3. IC2 is compatible with universal electricity so I don't see any problems here.
  4. There is a stable IC2 version for 1.5.2 and the IC2 team is currently working on a version for 1.6 and even 1.7. Also, he said that it is 100% stable so your argument is invalid.
  5. even though some mods are no longer in development, there are still good replacement mods and IC2 is still compatible with minecraft 1.5 and I am quite sure with 1.6 as well. Also I played on a server with Flan's gun mod and it works perfectly fine, creates no lag and works very well with multiplayer. Yes, Flan's Vehicle mod may have a bit of lag but it isn't that bad, you might have to sacrifice some computer memory but it's worth it. You can also easily get optifine for the slower computer so in this case, there is no downside.
  6. From experience, I know these mods work very well with each other and I'm sure it will work very well with voltz as well. These mods are compatible with voltz and will improve it greatly, recently (no offence) voltz has been getting worse and less popular now that some of the good mods have been removed from the modpack and lots of "re-runs of mods in other modpacks that already beat the mod down into a messy bloody pile of crap" have been added. Also, that's the point of this thread, I am Suggesting which mods should be added to this modpack, if I didn't play on a server I wouldn't have posted this thread nor worried about which mods were in this modpack because I could have easily added them myself.
  7. why. did. you. remove. mekanism. WHY!?!?! It's one of the best mods in minecraft, you just can't remove it
  8. I made this topic to see which mods everyone wanted to be added to the voltz modpack I would like to add: industrial craft 2, Flan's mod, redpower 2, MC heli, Minechem and thermal expansion What mods do you want?