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  1. really? when did you come on the server? I have been on all week and available to players both in game and on team speak. Our average player count this week has been around 110 so 30 is a lie. We do not have hidden channels away from the players. Our frame rate has been consistently at 20tps except for pve2 for a few hours while we patched the NPC shops with new items. if you are going to come up with lies about our server at least come up with good ones...
  2. [1.0.12a] NO WHITELIST!!! Server: hub.ntgclan.com Team Speak: ts.ntgclan.com Website http://www.ntgclan.com Featuring a hardcore Factions server, A PVE server, and a Towny server. The Factions server features hardcore game conditions with pvp griefing and raiding, a true test of survival and warfare. The Pve features a more toned down gameplay style with keepInventory enabled and upgradable claim protections based off of Greif Prevent. We now have a B-Team Towny server. Play with friends and build a community. NONE of the servers have banned mods! Yes this means that you can witc
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