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  1. Alright smart one, then where exactly SHOULD I start this thread?
  2. He has no clue how, and I have tried several different approaches, none of which have worked. I always get the error message when loading the pack in the launcher, something to the effect of... Cannot download pack from: then the download link, which I use Dropbox.
  3. Hey there! I and a friend are starting a MoonQuest series on YouTube. The videos will be on his channel, which will be posted later. We need YOUR HELP! In exchange for us advertising your name/channel in the video description, we would like you to make a modpack for us for the Technic launcher. THAT WORKS! If it does not work, then we will not advertise. Below is the link to the download for the server we will be running. Please run the server and make sure you can connect to it via the pack you create! Thank you SO much! And we need this done ASAP please! Thanks so much! Nathan's (The videos
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