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    Big gamer, Big on military i plan to join my countries army when im old enough (obviously minecraft is a great way to train for that) and YESS im a female!
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  1. Was gonna make a post about this subject but since this oneis here already anymore games you would advise since the last reply was some years ago, so any games since then you like loved and wanna share with the world ( and by that i mean not at all the world, just the forum)
  2. two smoothstone still dont work however i tried to use the stone tool rods again today replacing the stone rods and it works despite trying this in the past anyway thanks for everyones help, its much appreciated
  3. so theres no way of making them? any ideas how i can differently make diamond saw?
  4. Nope im on about the Stone rods, still cant get it to work
  5. Says it all in the title really, cant make stone rods and it gets fustrating now, im aware that to making the stone rods and stone tool rods is the same so i can make as many stone tool rods as i want, just no bloody stone rods, im also new at AOTB so yh. Thanks for your time
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