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  1. Hi, So whenever i try to open a pulverizer, my game freezes and goes back to the launcher. The server console just says "Generic reason", no error at all so i know for sure its clientside. What ive tried so far: 1. Reinstall Java, 64bit version 2. Reinstal pack 3. Run as admin Now youre probably gonna need more information but its been a while since i posted and i have no idea where to find logs and stuff so if you could tell me where to find 'em that would be grand. Windows: 7 Java: 64Bit, version 8 update 31
  2. Hi, so can someone send me the right files i need to use to install an shaders mod? Most posts are too outdated, and the nitrous installer wont work for some reason (and they refuse to help me as im using a modpack -.- )
  3. 1.) im making a plugin like mcmmo, but more customizable. For that i need an XP system. 2.) i know how these forums work, and i know the diffirence between tekkit main and tekkit lite... there are nether sapphire and ruby ores in the game, but i guess you cant actually find them. ive removed them from the list.
  4. Hey, So im making a little plugin for tekkit and i need some help with balancing the worth of ores. i havent played tekkit in months so im not sure how common the modded ores are. here is a list of ores i need to balance: Mcopper ore = 606 Mtin ore = 606:1 cheese ore = 606:2 Ncoal ore = 732:0 Ndiamond ore = 732:1 Ngold ore = 732:2 Niron ore = 732:3 Nlapis ore = 732:4 Nredstone ore = 732:5 Ncopper ore = 732:6 Ntin ore = 732:7 Nemerald ore = 732:8 Nsilver ore = 732:9 Nlead ore = 732:10 Nuranium ore = 732:11 Nnikolite ore = 732:12 Nplatinum ore = 733 Nferrous ore = 733:1
  5. IGN: fondelaar (not to be confused with fondle. dont even ask.) AGE: 15 Experience with Tekkit: i know all but atomic science. How long you have been playing: does this refer to minecraft, tekkit (before it became tekkit classic) or tekkit as we know it now? either way its quite some time :/ Why would you be a good addition to the server: Well, i guess i can build machines and stuff. im good with plugins etc, but i dont think thats what you need. furthermore i can create pretty awesome machine setups
  6. im sorry, new features are taking somewhat longer than i expected. im working on it, and it will soon be added.
  7. Killstreaks? Live a UAV or something? Yes! exactly! I have been working on a plugin to add killstreaks to the server! i will be adding more and more rewards. here is a list of the current ones: Extra live [wip] This killstreak requires you to kill 5 players. its simple: once you have killed 5 players without dieing, you get an life point. the amound of life points a player has, can be seen behind his/her name in chat. once your health gets below 2 (1 heart), you get fully healed. this may or may not work with lifes gained using heart containers. ofcourse, after getting
  8. lets just all blame the fact that i posted this around 1AM, and never mention it again.
  9. catalyst-mc.net:25567 We at catalyst-mc have a dedication to our server. we create new plugins, fix glitching items, ban hackers/trollers and keep the game "FUN". as soon as you join us you will notice how hard we've worked on getting this new server up, running smoothly beside our ftb ultimate server (ftb.catalyst-mc.net). we will do everything to make sure all players enjoy their stay on our servers, and will always keep on doing so. Join now, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them either in-game, in this post or on our website, catalyst-mc.net! Facti
  10. hey, as google doesnt seem to help me, how do i use the special abilities of the ender shiel/livemetal shield etc? so i mean the things like "soul matrix" (gilded livemetal shiel)
  11. "OH thanks for pointing that out!" but no, instead of being thankfull, you change it and tell me im wrong. way to go man! thats going to get you far in life!
  12. soo i just tried to connect and saw you only have 30 slots. not the promoised 100.
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