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  1. Is there an actual deadline for when the server will be up? Because I don't want this server to not be active for a long time and die like many others.
  2. The server is downgrading to 1.3.2 and he is adding new whitelisters, he said it would be up soon.
  3. Ah, that's good. We are on the same time zone. How active is the server? Also, looking for staff? (lol a third edit.) Contact me via Skype if you need my immediate attention. ~pagerrager (Skype username. Without the ~)
  4. Minecraft Username: pagerrager Age: 14 How long have you been playing minecraft, and tekkit: Minecraft, since 1.7.3 (Beta) which I think was over 6 months. Tekkit, for about half that time. Opinion on illegal griefing (Griefing that does not comply with server rules): Griefing is something to be dealt with seriously, if it happens, punishment should be severe. Experience with Tekkit, PvP, and Factions: I am very decent at Tekkit, I am able to make just about anything. Given the time. I am also fairly decent at PvP, given the conditions. Factions I only have a few experiences with and none of them were bad. Bans, if any: None Username of who referred you to this server: None
  5. Title: Tekkit Launcher can't open! Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 7 (Pack 3 [?]) Java Version: Version 7 Update 7 Description of Problem: I recently had a virus on my computer, so I installed a new version of windows and now it is gone. But now the Technic Launcher won't even open! Windows then tries to look for the problem but I know it can't find it... please help! Error Messages: Error Log:
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