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  1. Thank you very much everyone, please check out our website for more information on how to join our community ! All questions can be asked in our site's chatroom. Thanks !
  2. Please enter our website and click on register. Follow the specific instructions provided in that page. Thank you !
  3. Please note that we are aware of the issue of the phantom griefer, We have discovered the phantom griefer from our block logs. Damage has been rolled back and we have taken actions against the griefer. Thank you all for your kind patience.
  4. Hello there Hardhat ! If you could try to come into the chatroom in our website, I will be glad to answer all of your questions !
  5. You can try looking for me on the site's chatroom. I will be glad to conduct the interview for you when I am there.
  6. Thank you hartham ! I have noticed your registration at the forums. If you would, please kindly enter our website's chatroom for an interview regarding your registration ! You can find the chatroom in our main site > more > Chatroom
  7. I do apologize for the size of the images. I will do my best to try and resize the images. Thank you very much !
  8. Information We are a private white listed server for tekkit 1.3.2 ! If you have read the above and feeling keen to find out more about us, you can visit our website at http://www.tailwindsrps.com to learn more about the server. All PvP in our server must be roleplayed and PvP is disallowed with the exception of invasion events. Invasion events may happen once every thirty minutes when either faction decides to invade a specific region of Caldesia. Invasions will be announced at least one minecraft day before so as to allow the defending faction to react. Equal number of troops must be deployed by both factions before the invasion may begin. The economy system here is 99% player ran. The remaining 1% is our premium shop. Where you can buy certain items otherwise unobtainable from extractors with in game currency. Form of legit currency here in our server is Caldins. Supported by BOSeconomy. We are enforcing roleplay measures to ensure maximum immersion for our players in the steampunk setting. Below is a list of the mandatory things required for joining the server. The use of a Steampunk or 18th century related skin. The use of our texturepack which is available for download on our website. A generated roleplay name for your character in Tailwinds. You can find the roleplay name at this website. http://oobleck.org/steam/ Please ignore the title and provide us only with the first and last names in the registration form. Donations We currently do not accept donations of any kind as we are a non profit organization. We thank you for your kind consideration and would appreciate it if you donated your money to a more charitable organization that actually helps the under underprivileged. We hope to see you on our epic adventure ! Please do post any question that you might have for me.
  9. I apologize for my mistake. Would it be possible to move this thread or should I start a new one ?
  10. Introduction Civilization is a private roleplay server that enforces semi strict rules while maintaining freedom over our players lives. Players will have a chance to start their own civilization or join an existing one. After which diplomatic relations may begin between the different civilizations, ranging anywhere from peace to armastice or war ! We encourage trading between civilizations and roleplaying between players. Bandits and Adventurers are also rampant in the wilderness adding much more needed excitement from roaming the lands. We have a strict no random pvp policy and all pvp engagements must be in some form of roleplay. Whether it be a bandit raid or disputes between players. Our community is growing steadily and we have 16 members with us at the moment. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our community, please read on below to find out how you can join us ! Recruitment As we are a private community, we would expect our commitee to be well behaved and matured. Roleplay experience is also a plus. We are not prejudiced against age but if you can prove that you are of our criteria then please go ahead and post your application for our approval. As of now, all applications will be done through our forums at http://www.civilization.boards.net . Please do read through the application thread thoroughly as it will determine your eligibility as a member. Future plans We are at a very early stage of our server development. We do plan to improve our server with better or customized plugins and possibly even a custom texturepack. We will continue to improve daily though, so please do check back once in awhile to check for updates ! Donations We do not accept donations as we are a non-profit community. If you really wish to donate, I sincerely thank you for your generosity but you can send that money to a more charitable organization that would probably need that money more than we do.
  11. Is there power in your MFE box ? Also, did you place the wires on the output side of the box ?
  12. I'm terribly sorry but I got really confused by your post, would you mind rephrasing all that ?