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  1. THANK YOU! HOLY FRICKIN CRAP THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH IT WORKS I JUST HAD TO INSTALL A BATERY IN IT WOOOOOO (sorry for caps) So it appears that the problem was that it worked temporaraly until I died whitch in turn updated it thus causing it to work
  2. Hi, sorry to bother everyone but I have a weird problem: Modular Powersuits isnt working. What happened is that I started a survival world and obtained a lot of stuff and made a powersuit with the power fist (or whatever you want to call it). So, I gave them a LOT of upgrades (If I need to I will list them). I was so excited when I got my power fist and gave it melee assist, shovel, pickaxe, diamond drill, and leaf blower. (also The portable crafting table and the on-the-go modual modification) Then I died of my suit over heating (I have keep inventory because I'm a noob to modded survivals),
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