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  1. IGN : awesomeness674 age : 12 i know you said 14+ but im very mature for my age country : usa tekkit expierience : i just started playing it a week ago Reasons for joining : i want to be in a mature community with cussing only every once in a while (i dont cuss) instead of all the time and i dont want to risk the chance of giving a creeper my skype. ps call me on skype if i get in my skype is datonepie
  2. In game name : awesomeness674 How long have you been playing attack of the b-team : Ever since BdoubleO and generik b translation the "B-team" released the modpack. How long do you play attack of the b-team : On weekends 5 hours a day or so on weekdays 1 hour or more. Age : 12 Other information : What else do you need to know?
  3. IGN : awesomeness674 Skype : datonepie Age : 12 Why I want to join : I just want to be apart of a attack of the B-team server where everyone is not hacking, destroying builds stealing stuff or just plain being mean. My experience in attack of the B-team mod pack: Kind of a noob except for the minions mod and a little bit of tinkers construct.
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