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  1. Application: 1. In Game Name: jenna0192 2. Age:11 3. Experience with AOTBT: i have had 2 servers with just close friends that i made and i have basically played it ever since it came out on technic 4. Skype Name: mine currently got hacked but i can make a new one if i get accepted 5. Personality: silly, funny, loves gaming 6. Good at Building?: yes CARPENTER BLOCKS IS LIFE 7. Why should you be accepted?:because i love attack of the bteam and i really wanna play with people and make new friends and i really wanna play on a different server than my own for once 8. Anything you wou
  2. help idk how to post erggggggggggggg

    1. Soupa


      To you too.

  3. how did u fix this please help my server crashed and now every time i go in i can break blocks but they dont show in my inventory and every mob is frozen
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