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  1. Ok, got it. There's too many latest-build servers out there anyway
  2. Server Information: IP: mc.zakhia.net Rules: None! Mods Disabled: None! Banned Items: None! Yes, none. Even Red Matter bombs are allowed > Description: Do whatever the heck you want! Expected Uptime: Should be 24/7 but in practice it might go down a bit. Community: Anybody! Whether you're a hardcore player or a lurker, we won't expect you to do anything you can't. Whitelist: None! Unique Visitors So Far: 205, as of 1/3/13 Now that's done... A little help with surviving without rules: Run far away. Seriously. There is nowhere you can run far enough that a missile won't get you, but safety = distance. Our current world file is 500MB, because of the smart ones that ran. It's extremely unlikely that an admin will be online, and he will almost never teleport you to where you want to go. Because of this, use ReiMinimap liberally, carry a bed, and just don't die. Beware of scams - there are those who'll say 'Meet me at spawn to receive 5 free diamonds', and then they'll either kill you on the spot, or follow you back home. NOTE: POST BELOW WHETHER YOU'D LIKE THIS SERVER TO BE UPDATED TO THE LATEST VOLTZ BUILD (1.1.0) - the server is currently at 1.0.11
  3. Happened on my server as well. I would like support as my friend really wants to use the new Energy-O-Mat BTW It happened as soon as I booted the server up.
  4. Same here Server works fine, no lag, just 'Null Receiver' on console
  5. I have the same problem. I use Essentials and when I write: blacklist: # Which blocks should people be prevented from placing placement: 126:10, 126:11 (using colons) it doesn't block it, but when I write: blacklist: # Which blocks should people be prevented from placing placement: 126.10, 126.11 (using periods) it blocks everything with block ID 126 (energy collectors and condensers etc.)
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