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  1. Other main reason is that Technic have been busy with the launcher, as far as I know t he development of 1.6 packs is coming.
  2. The Optifine Developer(s) do not allow it to be used in any mudpack, so it is very unlikely that it will ever be added.
  3. Sorry, were you replying to my post? I'll assume you were since it seemed like you were, but I am running 64bit Java, as I made sure to download it when I was installing Java, and it is the only version of Java running on my system, so I'm sure I'm using 64bit. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but if I was running 32bit Java I wouldn't be able to allocate more than a few GB of RAM.
  4. Hi, hadn't thought about giving it a low amount of RAM, that might actually help, hmm.
  5. Hey, can't wait to try this out. I have a very new computer, i7, GTX660, 16GB RAM. However when running Tekkit on Far Render Distance after a little bit of time, the game will usually crash, and I am informed by Windows that Java has stopped running, this doesn't seem happen on Normal Render Distance. With the changes made in this update it may stop this from happening. Although it seems a little strange given that my computer should have no issues handling Tekkit on Far Render Distance. I am allocating usually between 12 to 14 GB of RAM in the launcher in case anyone is wondering that. Anyway, I'll let you guys know if this update fixes this issue.
  6. Update, so after setting do-login to true in the bukkit.yml it now seems that the ComputerCraft fakeplayer is there, as in a first join message appeared, and when it's mining ove air, AntiGuest returns that ComputerCraft failed blockplace, however it is still able to mine in a protected area, and still doesn't log. any ideas? Thanks Aaron
  7. I am lead to believe that Computer Craft Mining Turtles use a Fake Player. However for me this doesn't seem to be the case, the mining turtle will mine, however it doesn't show up in LogBlock or Core Protect logs, neither does it stop when it enters a WorldGuard region. I have noted, however, that there is a [ComputerCraft] fake player listed in the bukkit.yml. I'm running Tekkit Lite 0.6.1 mods, with MCPC+ build 244. Is this just me, or is this any issue for others? Thank you Aaron
  8. Launcher Version: 219 Operating System: Windows 7 Pro x64 Java Version: java 7 update 9 (build 1.7.0_09-b05) Antivirus Program: Microsoft Security Essentials Description of Problem: I have a similar issue, where I can select and add modpacks, but their titles and versions usually just hang on the loading message or for versions just show recommened build, and not veersion numbers. I think this is also effecting people being able to connect to servers, as I don't think they are getting updates in their launcher, and this would explain why on my server, so many people were joining, but were getting unloaded as soon as they joined.
  9. I have generated quite a few seeds in Tekkit Lite, some random, some pre-selected. When I have a fly around the map, it seems that in every case around half of the map is Ocean biome. Has anyone else been experiencing this? I would also be interested to know if anyone has tried some of the Bukkit Terrain Generation mods, such as Terrain Control or Phoenix Terrain Mod, and if they are compatible with Tekkit Lite? Thanks
  10. HI, I am getting the same results that I did for Tekkit Classic on 1.2.5, flight is set to enabled in the properties, however when the user is in creative mode /fly works fine, disabling and enabling fly. Is it possible that there is some sort of check on the user's gamemode going on, so that flight will only work in creative mode? This would also happen in Tekkit Clasic. Thanks
  11. Hi, I saw that flight was fixed, however using Essentials /fly command doesn't seem to work, it just says "fly disabled". The same thing was happening even before the release that fixed fly. Also, awesome job KeepCalm, really appreciated.
  12. Does anyone know how to get Bukkit Essentials Fly to work? This seemed to be the case on Tekkit Clasic, and I hoped this would be fixed in Tekkit Lite. Any ideas? Thanks Aaron
  13. I get an issue which sounds similar, if I install any plugin (so far only tried the Essentials suite), no command works, and I get consol errors.
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