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  1. IGN: ThexHaloxMaster Age: 15 From: Virginia USA Time Online: Mainly Friday and Saturday afternoons, but maybe during the week if i get the time to do so
  2. Hey Kakan, I have an issue with Galacticraft. So the story is: I was on the moon and packing up all of my things to head back home. I clicked the overworld send dimension button, but it glitched me back to the moon without my rocket, so when i did /home, i went to check the parachest i had gotten. out of the 54 full storage spaces, it only displayed two of them. i lost almost all of the items including my rocket and solar panels, but Tropic helped me out and we thought that breaking it might help but it only brought back my solar panels and one of my oxygen machines. All in all, i am mainly m
  3. Hello Kakan I'm having an issue with the server when i try to log in after this last restart it says "Connection Failed: Bag Login." Is it my connection or is it some other issue?
  4. Ingame name: ThexHaloxMaster How long you have played mc/b-team: I have played minecraft for a year or two and b-team for about 3 months How often you play mc/b-team: I haven't played recently since I got into Steam, but if I can get into this server i will definitely play more often Age: 15 Other information: I really want to play on a more private Attack of the B-Team server and i am VERY into the adventure and exploration aspect of this mod pack probably more than anything else
  5. May I join? I really like small servers because the people are usually nice. Also if you need it my IGN is ThexHaloxMaster
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