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    Data wipe?

    So there I am, about to sleep, I wanted to look at my account to see the precious goodies my character had. As soon as I pulled up the Technic Launcher, it asked for my login. I logged in just as usual but then I see that the only packs I have are AoTB, BF, Hexxit, Tekkit Legends, and Vanilla. I am stunned. I try starting up AoTB but it's telling me to install it, Again. So I install it and to find out, it doesn't work. Gets stuck on Mojang screen and sends me back to TL Menu. I look at the files in .technic and the files are there and everything. Also, my AoTB was working fine at 8:00PM PDT and it's working horrible here at 1:00AM. Please help, I joined a server and I have very good items! EDIT - So far, Hexxit is the only one that would load. I'm also using a slow Windows 8 Laptop The things I need the know the most is 1. Why are most of my Modpacks gone? 2. Why are the remaining packs have to be reinstalled? 3. What caused this? 4. How can I fix this? And 5. Why these packs specifically? I shut off my laptop using the 5-Second power off button. Does that change anything? ANY HELP WILL BE ACCEPTED. THE ONLY THING I WILL NOT DO IS DOWNLOAD CLIENTS. PLEASE STILL HELP ME.
  2. I went to a sheep and i took its pure blood, then I centrifuged it and i shot myself and now i immediately start to starve fast i then started to eat grass (since i had genes with eating grass) and then it just starves me like i have hunger 3 but i don't have it what do i do? May the recent comment help!
  3. 1. In Game Name: Quebe1. 2. Age: 10 (Don't be worried i can be a little agressive some times >.<. 3. Experience with AOTBT: I try to play it but my friends never play it. 4. Skype Name: quebe3 (Don't Call Me). 5. Personality: Questionable, Angry when enraged, Some of the time kind. 6. Good at Building?: I stink at building :/. 7. Why should you be accepted?: Trying to find new servers to play and try. 8. Anything you would like to share about yourself(Optional): I get very angry when i get teased, enraged 9. Favorite mod(s) in the pack: Morph, Natura, Tropicraft, Weather mod (Forgot Name Of Mod) and GALACTICRAFT (i want to have items to get to space :3) 10. Would you be interested in donating to help the server stay afloat(decision will not affect whitelist): Sorry no fund card/money (cashless $ I, Quebe1, have read the rules and have accepted them with pride and honor. P.S. I love Galacticraft so can i please start off with all the blocks that give energy/power, air, ect. (Optional) P.S.S Is there world restart? P.S.S.S Anyways thanks for having the time to read this!