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  1. Update: you both were right. It turns out i was in the wrong menu, i had to make a cystom service. It is slow, but faster than hamachi was. I got to tbe custom service menu, and made the outgoing tcp/udp port 25565. I will make a youtube tutorial eventually.
  2. Hello! I am almost finished setting up my Tekkit Classic server, but there is one rather large problem. LogMeIn is too slow for this, and i'm having slight difficulties port-forwarding my router. On the setup i get this under port-forwarding (i already tested on LAN- it works) So, my question is, which option do i choose?
  3. Well, i'm not quite sure where to post this, so this looked like the best place to put it. I'm looking for a plugin which adds to the ServerEssentials shop, so that i don't have to edit worth.yml for hours on end. If such a plugin cannot be found by you, and you HAVE spent hours on end editing worth.yml, then i would appreciate a PMed link to a download for it. So, let's get searching! Class, get your search engines out.
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