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  1. Hello guys, i recently updated my modpack SiTL that now has 54 mods, It Focus around Tech. the Main Mods are: IC2, BluePower, BC, Project:E, Logistics Pipes, MineFactoryReloaded and Forestry. I do NOT plan to introduce any new mods in the modpack. I am Looking for around 3~5 Players to Join me. It will not be 24/7, I will run it whenever i get on the PC, Probably 3~4 hours a day and 6+ hours on weekends. Hamachi is Necessary. Skype is not necessary, i will contact you in the Hamachi/Skype/Discord when it gonna be online. my timezone is -3 and the server Might be online Everyday at 1:50 PM. There is no Age restriction but i want my players to be Kind and Respect everyone. Application is as follows; IGN: Your Experience with the Main Mods (X/10): Skype (Not Necessary): Age: You can send This application by just replying this thread, via Skype, or by sending an E-Mail to [email protected] If you Are Accepted i'll PM you or Notify you via Skype with the hamachi Info. The Modpack Page is: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/sitl-origins.742712
  2. Hi There, my name is Vinicius (i'm from Brazil, but i speak english very well) and i'm interested in joining the server. I am New to this specific Modpack, but i Played ALOT of Tekkit Classic and Lite, making myself an Expert on Tekkit Legends even before playing it (since Tekkit Legends is the mix of Tekkit Classic and Tekkit Lite). My IGN is: Artheimos. I Enjoy alot Tekkit series and played it by myself alot. My Favorite Mods are Logistics Pipes and Project E. Playing alone is not as fun as playing on a Server, thats why I'm Looking for Friendly People to play with. I consider myself Mature, i'm 15 right now. I have some Problems with my Video Card Drivers that sometimes crash my minecraft when i play 15~20 minutes straight, but it shoud'nt be a problem since The ModPack tooks only 2~3 minutes to Initialize.
  3. Minecraft name: Blue_Trooper Age: (preferably over 14) 13 Why you want to join: I like Your minigame, looks Fun and challenger
  4. I would like to Join, but theres an 3.2.2 Version for Tekkit Classic? or was an error and its 3.1.2? if it was an error My IGN: Blue_Trooper (In Game Nick)
  5. 1. The name of your MC account: Blue_Trooper 2. How old are you?: 13 3. Where do you live?: Brazil 4. What can you bring to the server?: I know all the mechanics of the game, except RedPower Computer 5. Tell us briefly about yourself: A good Guy who don't get Worried with little things. 6. Do you accept the rules?: Yes. 7. Why do you want to apply?: There are Few Tekkit Classic servers, but why? Tekkit Classic is the Best ModPack! 8. Extra details or questions?: Will The server Lags/Crashs when i build Automated Fabrics?
  6. 1.Blue_Trooper 2.13 3.Played like 1 year Tekkit classic, then i get to Tekkit Main 4.I Like the Old, But they are gold. (and Funnyiest than Young) 5.I am a Really good Builder, i might help making the spawn 6. i Don't Know :/ (If was refering to your nick is whitest0rm) 7.I Like to Help and i don't get worried with little things 8.Brazil (Yeah. I speak english.) -3 GMT 9.Well, i am a good guy. 10.Tottaly.
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