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  1. Minecraft In-Game name: illumniggatiAge: 16What country do you live in: CanadaDo you have/use Skype: yes i use skypeDo you have/use Teamspeak: i use ts3 Will you be streaming or Uploading to Youtube: YES i will be streamingIf so, Channel/Stream Name: my twitch stream name is Flaming_facialDo you enjoy building or just playing: i enjoy both very muchAcceptance of server rules: YESBtw what do you mean by pm email address for weekly bulletins and updates
  2. Name: Jaden Age: 13 ign: illumniggati why you want to join: because i want to play with helpfull nice and non greifer players favorite mod: tinkers construct skype:Habsfan(jaden)
  3. age:13 how long have you been on modpack: 7-8 months what are you going to build: i will build farms my house/village maybe a nether hub and lots more of cool stuff why do you want to join?: i want to join because i want to be apart of a epic community and help out and have fun! my skype: VinkS my IGN: inyoface1234
  4. hey i got banned by an operator for nothing please unban me idk what i did i logged off yesterday at 4:00 and tried now at 1:32 and it says you are banned by and operator reason: banned by an operator please please please unban me.
  5. IGN: inyoface1234 age: 13 loacation: canada time: anytime during the day expect around 12:00 till 10:00 email: [email protected] i have both skype and teamspeak. knowledge: ive played minecraft for about 4 years and have been on b-team for 1 year but have got cut off from it so ive been playing for a month now
  6. Ingame name: inyoface1234 How long you have played mc/b-team: 7-8 months How often you play mc/b-team: every day atleast 1-2 hours Age: 17 Other information: i really want to join because ive heard a lot of great stuff about this awesome server!
  7. IGN: inyoface1234Age: 17How often would you play on the server: atleast 1-2 hours every dayExperience with Attack of the B Team:7-8 months why: i really love helping make awesome communitys grow and i want to play with people who wont grief and steal stuff
  8. real name: Jaden Skype name: JadenChaput3 + my pic is nyan cat Age 17 mic i pretty crappy so yah other info i want a community to join to feel like im apart of something i hate greifing and am trying to make freinds!
  9. Ingame name:inyoface1234 How long you have played mc/b-team: 2-3 years now How often you play mc/b-team: about 2-3 hours a day : ) Age:13-14 Other information:hey you might now me already i was on before but got unwhitelisted so im back : )
  10. ingame name: inyoface1234 How long you have played mc/b-team: minecraft 3-4 years b-team 1 year How often you play mc/b-team: 2-4 hours a day Age: 14-15 Other information: i like to build stuff and mine but mostly build
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