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  1. Real Name: Sydney and my brother Grayson IGN: Yummy_TouchXD Brother: Lord_Graydeath Skype/Email/Anyway to contact you: [email protected] Age (Optional, if you can, please do): 14 & 11 Maturity Level (1-10 and why): I would rate my maturity as a 6 because i am playful and silly but serious when it counts and when is needed because I like to help others and being immature does not help in all situations. I would rate my little brother's maturity as a 5 just because he is younger and silly like me, although he tends to be more serious on servers unless he is talking to someone on the server that he classifies as a friend. Why do you want to join: We are personally looking for a small attack of the b team server that has less players because it seems that the more players you have the less of a cultured community you have because everyone griefs and treats other people like crap. Also the more players you have the more opportunities there are for there to be destruction on the server. I am a builder and hate destruction because i absolutely hate when i am greifed and hope that this server is one without chaos and destruction and one that we can enjoy playing on. ^-^ Tell me about you: I have a very go with the flow personality but when i feel i need to stand up for myself i can be stubborn. I love helping other people and love to make them laugh. I would say that i have a pretty decent sense of humor just because i love to play with other people and enjoy most people's company. I tend to be very social towards people i don't even know so that way i can make new friends and boost the community in a positive way. My brother has a very sarcastic personality and can be serious when he wants to. He is caring but rarely shows it unless he truley cares for someone or enjoys their company. he can be somewhat quiet and antisocial on servers but that is okay because he still makes tons of friends. He would boost the server's community in a positive way because he supports others and likes to enjoy his time with them. Time Zone: We are both in mountain Time in the U.S How active are you: I would play at least 2+ hours simply because i enjoy videogames, and he would play from 2-3+ hours just because he is a major gamer. Ect/P.S./Info: if you whitelist me i would very much appreciate if you whitelist Grayson also because we enjoy playing together. If you would like to see some of my builds contact em by my email above. My building styles are Medieval, fantasy, modern, and i can do pixel art too. Thanks for your time ^-^
  2. I still like the server simply because everyone treats me like a normal human being and their friend. I am sad to see some of you leave but happy because that means that as new people join I can make even more friends. I won't forget about you Sub and Nick but I do hope that someday you find a server that you are comfortable to play on without the hassle of resets and loss. I have lost too but I know that there will be an end to the resets and I can finally settle down when that time comes. I can be happy and I hope that maybe when that time comes you can (possibly) come back to join me -Yummy_TouchXD A member of this nice server.
  3. IGN: Yummy_TouchXD Age: 13 ( I am very mature though ) Reason why you want to join my server: I want a small server to build on and play on so I don't get greifed or raided Steam profile: No sorry...
  4. Hello my name ign is Yummy_TouchXD but you can just call me Yummy I am 13 but still very mature and I make friends really easily due to my outgoing personality. I like to help people with their problems and I tend to play attack of the b team more than minecraft these days I would like to join this server because it is small, there isn't much banned mods, and because I don't want to be greifed by other people like I have on other public servers. So I will check this cite in case you have considered my application and possibly accepted it. it would be awesome to join you and other kind people on this server. I am very good at several mods but for example: Thermal expansion, Witchery, TInkers' construct, etc. I am a high class builder and have been recommended for builder ranks before for my houses, castles, and modern buildings. I am also very good at medieval stuff too So please when you can reply to this as soon as possible because I want to join you as soon as I can. -Yummy btw I really like the rules and agree with them whole heartedly and if you need one I would apply to be a mod so I can improve the community of the server. I like making people smile and laugh so I am derpy and silly at times but when it comes to serious matters I change my attitude to serious mode so there is no misconseptions
  5. How is it attack of the b team when you don't even have all of the mods installed... I can't join because u didn't update
  6. IGN: Yummy_TouchXD Age: 13 Timezone: Mountain Time About me: I am a girl that loves sweets, pigs, and making other people laugh. I live in America and I love to build. I get along with many different ages for example I have tons of friends that are a lot older than me but we get along just fine! Why I want to join: I want to find a server where its private and some random hacker can't just hack my account on this server. I also want to have a server like yours that I can play on with my friend because that is the only way I can reach them What are you good at in this modpack: I am really good at building like not as good as Bdubs and Keralis but I am still very good. How much will you be on: I will be on a couple hours every other day because I have to still go to junior high and do things with my family.
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