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  1. IGN: Shaggy How long on MC: since 2011 How long on AoTBT: a couple months Other: I'm looking for a small community to have fun with while trying out the pack. I like exploring , adventuring, hanging out with other players, etc.
  2. IGN: ShaggyD00 Age:26 Skype: Slaggy237 or Holdematdagates Why this server: Seems like a good server setup, watched some B-team and chimneyswift and want to try this out for myself. Familiar with modded minecraft but many mods in this are new to me so I hope to meet some cool people to explore them and have some fun while doing so. What would I enjoy doing on this server: witchcraft seems very interesting. Never did galactic craft. Maybe a kick azz space station or witches cursed woods build.
  3. IGN: ShaggyD00 First Name: Jaron (just say Aaron with a "J" in front) But Everyone says I look like Shaggy from Scobby Doo... hence... Skype: Holdematdagates Age: 26...almost to where I don't wanna say. Paragraph: Well I got all hyped about this mod pack from watching ChimneySwitf11 and Generikb (lotsa laughs from there stuff). And tried it out for myself for about a half an hour and came to the obvious realization this can only be played with cool peeps who love cheese to get its full potential. I mean who am I going to hex, myself? So yea, that leads into what I hope to do in your comm
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