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  1. Ingame name: Havoc29 How long you have played mc/b-team: Minecraf: 4 yrs B-Team: Off and on since public release How often you play mc/b-team: mc: daily b-team: regularly Age: 31 Other information: don't really know what to say, but that i am looking for a small community to establish myself on. i enjoy the art of building, my builds are not that complicated but they are done well The server version is 1.0.12a
  2. APPLICATION: IGN: Havoc29 AGE: 31 WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE SERVER: Looking for a Small yet close-nit server to establish myself in SKYPE: Shawn_Hess WHAT WOULD YOU ENJOY DOING ON THE SERVER: Having fun, making new friends, helping others with what i know, and establish a Space station base
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