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  1. In-game name: JacobPlaysGames Why would you like to join the server: I would like to join because im looking for a server with a good community. I want a server where I can come on and have fun talking to people as well as playing. I feel that this server is a good step in that direction.
  2. IGN) JacobPlaysGames Age) 15 Location) US How long have you been playing Minecraft) 4 years I believe What keeps you playing Minecraft?) I think what keeps me playing minecraft is the amount of fun you can have with others in this game. Knowing that I can come on and have alot of fun with friends is amazing.
  3. - In game name : JacobPlaysGames - Age : 15 - What you will bring to our community : I love whitelisted servers and this server looks like it is one of the best. I love to help people I will always be there to help anyone new who isn't sure what a item foes or how to use something. I'm also very mature so I will take serious situations seriously. This in no way means that I don't love to have fun. I know when it is time to be funny and when it isn't. I think think that I would fit right into the community of the server. I'm also fairly knowledgeable with most of the mods so I can help peopl
  4. IGN : jacobcoolguy I would like to join this server because I want to find a server with a good community. not many servers can pull that of. i think the best way of finding a good community is through a whitelisted server. Your server seems very professional and well taken care of. I also think i will be a a good addition to the server.
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