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  1. The hard drive is ruined. I am not buying a new one. I have two other comps. Now trying to get it working on inspirion one 4200 touchscreen. Says drivers are bad but I updated them. So now to figure out this problem..... says an openGL issue. Says due to drivers
  2. Welp.... computer is dead now.... won't work. Tried system restore and it says recovery partition was missing. I give up... ebay here I go... done with this shit laptop. For future reference never get lenovo y 500 ideapads. The okr doesn't work properly and corrupted the hard drive. The trojan was apparently severe.. I can't remember which it was
  3. I cleared an apparent Trojan according to AVG I have a Trojan virus, it said it secured it. I always removed all the adware/malware. Still I cannot connect.I cannot even connect to a LAN server Q_Q.... I cannot figure this out for the life of me..... The only thing I can think to do is wipe my entire computer, but that would leave me with a lot of lost things on my computer and a lot of crap to DL which isn't possible at this time.
  4. Boyfriend showed me where to DL Spybot. Going to run that first and see what it tells me. Doing updates on it atm. If that one doesn't work then I will try AVG, but I hate AVG because of past experiences.
  5. Okay, I will go install those 2. Do you have a link for them by chance. I don't want to click on the wrong one and get myself ANOTHER virus x.x
  6. Can you help with 403 Error? I cannot connect to any server on my laptop, but I can on my desktop. Laptop tells me 403 Error: I've disabled all firewall and anti-malware/virus programs. I have added tekkit launcher to my DEP exceptions. I've done everything I can possibly think of. I have ran my scanners and I see now virus/malware. I need some help pleaaaaasseeeee
  7. No, I never have been. I have never even heard of that place. I ran my Malwarebytes and says I have no malware and firewall is shut off, I don't think I have any other security programs on my computer
  8. I am not even at a university, I have no idea why the heck that comes up. I live in a tiny apartment... and I disabled windows firewall and malwarebyes and even added it to me DEP exceptions.
  9. sakljdskljfhlaksjdflaksjdfhlkajdfhlkajsdfhklajsdfh -.- So... If I log into my account on my boyfriends desktop, it works. But NOT on my laptop x.x