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  1. I started a huge custom modpack full of tech and magic. I am running a custom whitelisted server using this pack. This has a ton of magic, tech, and adventure. Aside from the usual Botania, Blood magic, and Thermal Expansion, this pack includes all of Reikas mods (IE Rotarycraft, Reactorcraft, Electricraft, and Chromaticraft + others) and also includes IC2. If you want to be whitelisted, apply on the site. I usually get you whitelisted quickly. http://eastgatemoddedserver.enjin.com/ Modlist: Advanced Solar Panels Ae2Stuff AgriCraf Ars Magica 2 Aroma Mining Dimension Another One Bites The Dust AE 2 Avaritia Better FPS BiblioCraft BiblioWoods Big Reactors Binnie Mods Blood Magic Botania Buildcraft Buildcraft Compact Carpenters Blocks Chicken Chunks Chisel 2 ChocoCraft Chocolates Quest ChromatiCraft Compact Storage ComputerCraft Cosmetic Armor Critter Pet Custom Mob Spawner Cyan Warrior Swords Mod Decocraft Dense Ores Dragon Mounts Dr Zharks Mo' Creatures ElectriCraft Enchanting Plus EnderCore Ender IO Ender Storage Ender Tech Ender Zoo Enhanced Portals Expanded Restone Extra Biomes XL Extra Cells Extra TiC Extra Utilities Fastcraft Fast Leaf Decay Forbidden Magic Forestry Fossils Archeology Revival Funky Locomotion Galacticraft Gendustry GeoStrata GraviSuite Hats Hat Stands Headcrumbs IC2 Nuclear Control Immersive Engineering IC2 InfiniBows Inventory Tweaks Iron Chest Jabba Journey Map JurassiCraft Level Up Mod Logistics Pipes Magic Bees Magical Crops Meteors MineFactory Reloaded Morph More Swords Mod Natura NEI Nether Ores Open Blocks Optifine Plant Mega Pack Portal Gun Practicalities Primitive Mobs Project Red Railcraft ReactorCraft Redstone Arsenal RFTools RotaryCraft Simply Jetpacks Solar Expansion Basic Sound Filters Springboards Stefinus Guns Steves Carts Steves Factory Manager Steves Workshop Storage Drawers Tinkers Construct Thaumcraft Thaumic Energistics Thaumic Exploration Thaumic Tinkerer Thermal Dynamics Thermal Expansion Thermal Foundation TMechworks Translocator Twilight Forest Void Monster Waila Waila Harvestability Witchery WR-CBE Xeno's Reliquary
  2. I am running a large adventure modpack server with elements of tech. This pack is meant to be difficult, both in adventuring, and achieving what you want. Large numbers of mobs, plus special mobs make for a dangerous world, while tech mods such as Mekanism and Rotarycraft make getting tons of materials and being over powered a large task. Do not mistake the tech tag as your usual tech modpack. This pack does NOT include Thermal Expansion, Ender IO, or Industrial Craft. There are no quarries. The best way to get materials in this modpack (later game) is the mekanism digital miner (but getting enough power to your miner is another problem to solved). The best way to get materials early game is to raid castles and collect loot! Dragons, Chocobos and Wyverns will be your best friends as you go along your adventure. This server has Factions, grief prevention, chest shop, economy and a few other plugins to make for a rich experience. We have a decent player base but we are trying to get more! Anyone interested in joining, please visit http://eastgatemoddedserver.enjin.com/ Mod List: Mine & Blade Battle GearAdventure BackpackAdventurers AmuletsAE2StuffAE2Advent of AscensionArchimedes ShipsBackpackBetter ChestsBetter FoliageBibliocraftBiomes O PlentyBotaniaCarpenters BlocksChicken ChunksChisel 2ChocoCraftChocolates QuestCosmetic ArmorCyan Warrior Swords ModCyanos Lootable BodiesDecocraftDragon MountsDr Zarks Mo Creatures ModDynamic LightsElectriCraftEnchanting PlusEnchiridion 2Ender StorageExtra Utilities (Quarry, Angel Wings, Builders Wand, Generators all disabled to keep the feel of the pack)Fast Leaf DecayGalacticraftHardcore Ender ExpansionIguana TweaksImmersive EngineeringInfernal MobsInventory TweaksIron ChestJabbaJourney MapJurassiCraftKingdoms of the OverworldLevel Up ModMekanismMekanism GeneratorsMekanism ToolsFalling MeteorsMoarSignsMore Swords ModNEIOpen BlocksPams HarvestCraftPlant Mega PackPrimitive MobsAll Project Red ModsReactorCraftRedstone PasteRoguelike DungeonsRotaryCraftSpice of LifeStefinus GunsSteves WorkshopTinkers' ConstructThaumcraftThaumicTinkererWings of AlfheimWailaWawlaWeatherWild Caves 3WitcheryZtonesTranslocator