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  1. So i have tried everything and beyond, my AoBt will load then when my launcher closes it just reopens, Issue: Game wont load up. Cause: unknown. Fix: Start your technic launcher, select Attack of the b-team mod, and go to settings. Press "open folder", go to "mods", delete all "project red" files, install the latest build of project red (32 i think) from here and pop all the .jar files into the "mods" folder! (Thanks to: f1n1ay) I have tried this solution and it still has not helped,I also somehow deleted a needed version of java so when i try to launch it just gives me a pop up and says path cannot be found.(i have the recommended one something like 7u67) The errors i was getting had to do with forgemod loader not being able to run or something, when i can get back to the launcher i will post the error. Thanks, -Wolf