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  1. IGN: AbyssRing Age: 13 Why I want to join: This server is exactly what I've been looking for. I've had really bad luck with large servers in terms of griefing and other things, and playing singleplayer gets lonely. Hopefully you can look past my age! Country: US What I consider myself best at in Minecraft: I've been exploring all of the different mods involved in AOTBT, like Witchery and Food Plus. I'm pretty good at those and reasonable at building, but I'm not very good at the technology aspect of the modpack.
  2. Age: 13 IGN: AbyssRing Maturity Level: I'm mature for my age, but I also like to have fun and do tiny pranks if the other person is okay with it. Skype: sererupandora Why I want to join: I've been looking for a small AOTBT server for a while now because I've had pretty bad luck with large servers and singleplayer gets boring really fast.
  3. IGN: AbyssRing First Name: Rebecca Skype: sererupandora Age: 13 Paragraph: For me, singleplayer gets really boring and huge servers are filled with griefers. Small servers like this are my absolute favorite type to join. I do a bunch of different things, but I've been interested in the Witchery mod lately, so I'm hoping to do something with that on the server. There's a lot to do in this modpack so I'll probably be switching interests a lot, but I'm awful with any of the factory-type mods (the only thing I use is the storage system) so you won't have to worry about that with me. Thank you
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