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  1. Found out why it is not letting me into the Server. I accidently gave you my old username. its Joshyd21. Sorry about it
  2. I tried to get on and said i am not whitellisted. Just curious about that. Thanks.
  3. Awesome! Thanks! I dont think I will get much built in short time. Haha. How long will I need to wait before being able to join? Thanks again!
  4. Is there still room in your server? Im new to tekkit and looking to learn and join a fun server to enjoy and learn!! I have been watching the YogsCast Tekkit and looks really fun! Good at being able to learn on the fly and look up whatever is needed to make stuff. IGN is Jddavis9 Im 21 and normally on my computer a lot when not working. Let me know if im able to join! Hope to be able to join and have fun!