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  1. I have a different way, now, of doing this and it works easier...but I still wanna know what the way was that I was trying.
  2. Alright so I remember that I need power for my quarry and that I can use a power transport pipe to power it the fastest. Well I tried my setup for both powering one pipe and transferring that power into the second pipe like this (2x redstone engine + 2x wooden conductive pipe + 1x stone conductive pipe + 1x golden conductive pipe + 1x power transport pipe) So that's working. But the receiving part isn't (My frequency is set to 4 and yes I have the pipe able to receive) so I use my second setup now (1x Quarry 1x + 1x Golden Conductive pipe + 1x Power Transport pipe) The quarry isn't building. D
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