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  1. Apologies if I sounded whiny, I'm just saying I don't like a lot of what has happened to Hexxit. I appreciate you, and I appreciate Skuli for filling me in on missing details and things that I don't understand. But am I getting this right? Legend Gear has been updated and ZSS is being taken out? If that is so, my only very large complaint left is Lycanites Mobs. Even though a few of the other additions make me feel uneasy, ZSS and Lycanites Mobs are my two main complaints. Again, sorry for sounding so butthurt, thanks to you both for responding, I really appreciate it. If at all possible, please return at least Asgard Shields and Immibis Microblocks. Those are both wonderful mods that really compliment Hexxit. Thanks again guys, and I'll keep an eye on 3.0 builds as you say Skuli. P.S. Skuli.. that name sounds familiar. Didn't you moderate The Mining Dead? I played that for a while. You're alright Skuli
  2. I used to love Hexxit, but not anymore. Almost all of what has been added I hate, and I miss nearly everything that was taken away. Hexxit used to have a perfect balance of the simplicity of vanilla Minecraft, between the complexity of Tekkit. That's what drew me to it so quickly, it wasn't too complex, and it held adventure and dungeoneering above all! Now, I'm saddened at the directions the game has taken. In my opinion, 2.0.0 and beyond has done nothing but spit on what was once an amazing modpack. When I saw Hexxit had finally updated, I was exuberant to say the least. However, my heart sank after I was exploring the new content on creative mode. Mobs that don't even look like they belong in Minecraft, (Lycanites mobs) not to mention these mobs spawn in juxtaposed areas, like demon mobs in a castle fort? Zelda Sword Skills nearly made me cry. What a horrible addition for Hexxit. And why? Why take out Legend Gear, More Bows! Immibis Microblocks, and Asgard Shields? I could write a five page paper on how Hexxit has destroyed itself in 2.0.0 and beyond. You'll never catch me playing any of those updates. It's 1.0.10 for me til I die. It'll be a sad day when any update past 1.0.10 is 'recommended'. If this post gets anyone's attention, and you would like to know more of why I think Hexxit has gone way downhill, let me know. Otherwise, I'll stop here before I make way too long of a post. However, I will say some things that are good additions... Dynamic Lights, updating the Bibliocraft mod, RopesPlus, Better Archery is nice, and Ancient Warfare(maybe, seemed kind of buggy to me) Those are some great additions. But almost everything else sickens me, and everything that was taken away makes me sad. I know I'm only one guy, but I fell in love with Hexxit once. Now, it has stabbed me in the back. Unless some serious changes happen, I'll only play 1.0.10 Here's a link to a page I posted on the Hexxit Wiki, about my opinions on all of the latest updates 2.0.0 and beyond http://hexxit.wikia.com/wiki/Forum:If_Hexxit_continues_its_current_path_it_is_doomed
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