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  1. Type in search Technic or Techniclauncher and you should find it if not than download it again
  2. That might be your Java make sure you have Java 64bit
  3. This method is alternative to Dropbox Ok Soo I was searching for a solution to Dropbox and its banned Direct links (Error 429) I checked different file hosting to see if they will work here and I have success The best alternative for Dropbox is: filecloud.io - Free, Works fine, pCloud - Have Public Folder but have to pay 3,00 for it Mediafire - Works but not at all Any Questions: Q: Is this Working ? A: Yes Q: My files will be removed after some time ? A: Nope its like mediafire and Dropbox Q:If its Like Mediafire than this will work only for me and my link will
  4. Ok So Dropbox Links does not work for me but somehow mediafire links works perfectly fine
  5. Ok so this is my Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zcqeiyh7ed26khg/modpack.zip?dl=1 And I got this error soo how I can fix it ?
  6. Is there any File hosting that works with Technic ? If yes than post it here and don't give links to Dropbox, Copy.com or any other hosts that does not work
  7. 1.Open world in lan with cheats 2.use command /gamerule keepinventory true 3.Reload World should Work
  8. I have problem with launcher since I changed my nickname on mojang web The problem is that I can't login to launcher (Yes I Checked name and Password 9999999x times ) I checked my old name and this name and no effect :L Can some 1 help ??? BTW Sorry but I don't know where to put this type of topic
  9. i saw some others with that name :\
  10. My Tekkit Classic Revolution modpack was removed from site without any reason why ??? :CC
  11. I wont to ask IF I can make an update for Original tekkit classic To MC 1.7.10 Every mod expect charging benches from ic2 will stay same Even EE2 will stay
  12. After Try to Run Tekkit It Shows Me An Update When I Press to Not Update It Load Only 5 Mod Now This Happen when I try to Reinstall it
  13. Well Me And Some of My Friends Can Translate to Polish Language If yous Won't to
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