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  1. Ehh I'll just apologize instead. I can't delete the posts, so it's doubled already.
  2. LOL never dawned on me to edit this (yet I did my other one). Gah my minds all over the place
  3. Yeah I know, he must be seeing things LOL (no I amended my post)
  4. No these cables actually send data like the wireless (I don't think bundled can do it, at least for ComputerCraft). Also if I read it right I think this is where you can also request for mods to be added.
  5. Whoops, forgot that one. And I won't be going to Tekkit Lite. Just like the OP, I have stuff that will probably break on the transition (stuff I have spent way to much time on). The big one I am waiting for is the RailCraft update (holding/boarding rails got messed up, and the fix was put out, at least supposedly)
  6. So it appears there is finally a mod for LAN cables for ComputerCraft, and if any of you are like me, you have probably hoping for something like this (wireless is only so good). Here's a link to the modder's post
  7. I hope Tekkit gets an update soon. I mean I know this is all volunteer work, but it's really far behind with all the mods and what not. And no I am not complain about how slow they are, again, I know this is all volunteer, the wait is just killing me (waiting for a few mod updates so I can continue some projects).
  8. Update, sounds like this was fixed, just have to wait for Railcraft update 5.4.0 (or more Technic to update seeing as that updated was 7-12-12)
  9. LOL I really need to check my old posts more often, but this would be awesome. Also it's 16
  10. I know this post is old, stumbled on it, but I am running 3.1.2 and ccSensors is working perfectly fine for me. Some of the code doesn't work properly and you have to use work-arounds, but it works fine. I currently have 2 sensors working just fine. This video might help,
  11. I know this is an old post, forgot about it till lately. I will say I have grown use to the new wireless redstone. It's pretty much the same it's has a repeater attached (I don't care for the whole naming part of it)
  12. I think I figured it out. The way they use to work is they would detect the direction the car came in no matter what. Now they detect the direction the last time they were sent power to. For instance if the track was on when a car passed over it, then toggled off the car reverses directions, comes back and toggles it back on, it will bounce back. Why the modder changed this I don't know
  13. Title: Holding Rails Reverse Direction Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 7 Prof 64-bit Java Version: 1.7.0_07 Description of Problem: When holding rails are given power they are suppose to continue in the direction for which the cart was heading when it arrived (aka doesn't bounce bank). The problem is now instead of going through when they are powered they just bounce back. This problem happened with the recent update to 3.1.2 (3.0.3 it worked fine). Error Messages: Error Log:
  14. Ehh, you do make a good point there. However alot of times my wireless redstone was concealed (and it worked perfect again due to how I could access it and stuff like through stone). I mean I am getting use to the new stuff, but at the same time, I kind of wish we had the ability to use both (in otherwords the update included both). Btw isn't this a redpower2 mod?
  15. Yeah I saw that name thing (have been meaning to look into that more). But as for the second part you mentioned, isn't that how redstone works? That's kind of why I liked the old mod as it acted like redstone did, not a repeater. (I also hate this update as I think it's responsible for why my old map won't load in anymore which sucks as I spent alot of time on it)