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  1. I've noticed that they don't spawn quite as often. Except Skeletons. They're everywhere. I think it's something to do with Lycanite's.
  2. For anyone having issues with too many Concapedes, my girlfriend was having the same issue and found a solution. Go into the Lycanite's Jungle Mobs config file, and turn on Natural Despawning for the Concapedes. As it is now, they will never despawn, so they just build up more and more.
  3. My girlfriend has had a few times while we've been playing where she'll connect to the server and find that it has reverted her character, sometimes back hours. It also just happened to her in a single player game, and in that case, it rolled the whole world back. Has anyone else had this happen?
  4. I'm having the same issue. It's not just iron, it seems to be any ore. I hadn't figured out that it was Artifice, though. That would make sense.
  5. Is there no way to make a Skybeam Block anymore?
  6. There are a lot of butterflies, but I like them. They, along with the birds, really make the world feel more alive. Standing in my mountain fortress and looking down on the plains and forests and seeing butterflies and birds flitting about does more to make it feel like a living world than anything else.
  7. GotoLink's post? Is there another thread I should be keeping an eye on? Also, hooray for Legend Gear! My beautiful falling stars are back! I heard the sound of one falling, and it was almost an instinctive reaction to start scanning the skies.
  8. New update! I like the additions! And the subtractions!Still having issues with equipping TC stuff, although fiddling with that command you gave me works eventually. Now: New bugs: I've chosen the Miner class from LevelUp, and when I dig anything, it digs ridiculously fast and degrades my shovel quicker than it should.
  9. That would make sense, except that for a long time it *was* letting me, and it still lets me dual-wield longswords, which have the "Charge" right click ability. Something I did notice is that the 4 weapons that it will allow are similar to weapon types that exist in vanilla/BG. Longsword:Sword::Battleaxe:Waraxe::Dagger:Dagger::Shortbow:Bow.
  10. That is so weird. I managed to sort of fix it last night, for a tiny bit. I completely deleted the .technic file, and relaunched it from scratch, and created a brand new world, so there was no connection at all to anything I had done, and it still didn't work. I then gave up and copied back in the world we had been playing on, and it worked! I was able to equip TC gear in the BG slots! Then I accidentally crashed the server by attacking a special mob, and it stopped working Is there anything I can do to help debug/diagnose this?
  11. Was there an update last night? I've completely wiped my technic install, reinstalled hexxit, and created a new world, and I still can't put TC items in the BG slots. I suspect something was updated, and caused an issue between the two mods. Edit: Just did some testing. Daggers, Longswords, Battleaxes, and Shortbows from TC can be equipped in the BG slots. Nothing else can be. Before the end of last night, they could.
  12. I'm loving this update! The crashes are annoying, but I haven't found one yet that can't be fixed by some quick mcediting, or a toggle to peaceful and back. I especially love the addition of Lycanite's Mobs. It really makes the world more interesting. I've only run into one major issue, and I'm not even quite sure what it is. My girlfriend and I have been playing together for a few days, and just last night, we stopped being able to equip Tinker's Construct gear into the Battlegear dual-wielding slots. The gear already in there stays, but if you take it out, you cannot put it back in. I assumed it was some issue from Enchanting Plus, which I had just added, but removing it did not fix the problem, nor did completely deleting Hexxit, reinstalling, and using a save from before I installed Enchanting Plus. Has anyone else run into this issue?
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