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  1. Too bad, I thought I was a new mob that got added to the latest update of the pack. That explains why there was nothing on it on the wikis. Thanks anyway, imma go cry in a corner now.
  2. So it's just a super massive hat? You serious?
  3. Will do. I'm on a PvE (keep inventory) server, so I might as well. The only reason I didn't confront it was because I was trying to get to my house after accidentally teleporting to spawn. If I find it again I will let you all know!
  4. Hey there everyone! So I was on a server trying to get back to my house after I died, and I ran into this: I was looking at it for a bit, then it disappeared. I went along my way and it suddenly reappeared again, which was when I took this screenshot. What is this and what mod is it from? Also, how long gear wise should I wait until I can try to kill it? Thanks!
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