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  1. My friends and I have encountered a bunch of other issues with this 3.0.0c beta release after playing for several days. - What we have dubbed the "Concapede invasion". Not sure what the trigger is, there's no errors per se but every now and then, there's a huge amount of non-stop concapedes spawning around our little home made town. The first time I had to use /cofh killall concapede to get the server from lagging (it removed 4909 concapedes). Since then, it's happened 4-5 times where I've had to killall. - Speaking of Concapedes, dual wielding against them and hitting with your offhand makes the client crash - On the topic of dual wielding, there's something wrong with the option to move from the regular bar to dual-wielding and back. Sometimes, you have to mash R repeatedly to get back to the normal bar. - Quantum computer created on the client side made the server crash last night (sorry no logs) - COFH mineral generation isn't working (as discovered above...) - Disabled the butterfly mod because it was throwing an exception here and there. I've noticed several mods have gotten updates to them for 1.7.10. Plan is to review the changes and see if I can't manually update some of them to correct these issues.
  2. Will do. Thanks for the input. Also, on a different note... why does digging with a shovel go super quick now ? With an iron shovel you can click and point dirt and completely destroy a huge section of dirt in a matter of seconds. With the LevelUp! mod and having points in Digging, you can pretty much dig huge sections of dirt without stopping since you get loot from digging and more shovels to replace the broken ones you get. Not sure which config file handles that but I think the digging mechanic is a bit broken right now.
  3. I checked the World.cfg from CoFH and it's identical from 1.5.2 to 3.0.0c so I have to assume that we have simply not been as lucky with the ore generation in our little part of the world for now.
  4. Has mineral generation changed in this version over Hexxit 1.5.2? Seems there's less ores to mine. I compared World.cfg and they're the same. Not sure if I've missed the config file that takes care of this...
  5. Try installing Java 1.7 (71 or whatever subversion). My buddy had the same problem launching until he replaced Java 1.8 with 1.7
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