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  1. So, I've finally gotten around to host a small, private server for a few friends and myself. And after ~2 days of playing, I have a few questions: 1) Regarding the LevelUp mod; does the "Sword" skill take into account all the new additions of weapons (Waraxes, Daggers, Rapiers, etcetera) or is it limited to vanilla Minecraft swords? And does the "Archery" skill work with the new bows? I suspect the they don't, since after I checked all files associated with the mod (even the .class files), I found nothing relevant to which item IDs the skill is to work with. 2) Regarding the "Mine & Blade" mod; is it in the modpack's intention to not work with weapons that aren't vanilla or included in the "Battlegear" mod to be dual-wieldable? Or have the proper IDs not been added to the config yet? When attempting to dual-wield a weapon that isn't in vanilla Minecraft or the "Battlegear" mod, nothing happens. You can't click it into place (Broadswords, for example). And when you can, it disappears from the GUI, and when exitting the inventory, it's dropped in-front of you. And lastly 3) Sometimes, my two friends randomly crash in the game for no apparent reason (they could be running around, fighting enemies or mining. Or simply standing still in the base). I did receive a error message in the server console, but I dismissed it as a "it won't happen again", but it repeatedly does. However, I don't currently have the error saved (I didn't think of saving it), but upon checking the console, the server's thrown an error similar to what message it usually gives when they crash: