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  1. I have made a modpack for me and my roommate, and I thought that other people would enjoy it! This modpack contains a total of 36 mods, some of which are coremods necessary to run other mods. Since this pack is smaller than a lot of other packs on this site, it should be able to run on nearly any computer. Some mods that are included are: ProjectRed Hats ComputerCraft Blood Magic Thaumcraft And More! You can find the info for the modpack here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/tuscany-magic-of-science.526211 I will try to update the mods frequently until I have a good pac
  2. I have tried a lot of the suggestions on here, and none have worked for me. Bitbucket seems to be the easiest, but I don't know how to make it download ONLY the modpack.zip file instead of a zip file with modpack.zip inside of it
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