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  1. Hi, are you magicman580 on XBOX LIVE?

  2. a stupid newbie? yeah right..

  3. i know theirs that but if i just found them in game id have to go in the game look at the id then go in bukkit lwc and write it down over and over unless i copied everyone on paper isn't there a simpler way?
  4. as the title says im trying to find if there even is one to find a config file with all the new block ids for tekkit 3.0.4 to use for lwc so people can /cprivate them but i cant seem to find a topic on it if anyone updated theres recently could you link me to yours if possible?
  5. so basicly just save the data and players folders then? and everyones alchemy bags and default inventorys would be safe?
  6. ok then sorry about that. ty for the answer guess ill just cross my fingers and see what happens.
  7. o wait im slow so you were basicly stating that you guys dont even know yet either. and to not get your hopes up if theres not but to be happy if you find out there is?
  8. i posted ...... because even though im 20 years old im slow to understanding things because of my mentaly disabiltys and i couldve sworn you were messing with me..
  9. a buddy of mine has asked this but hasnt gotten a real answer yet im running a tekkit server been building on this world for more then a month i saw the news for 1.2.5 tekkit coming soon and my question is will there be some way to say maps from nows tekkit and use them for 1.2.5s tekkit once 1.2.5s tekkit is out? im asking this because i dont want to see everything i built gone just because of a update will i be forced to start fresh if i wanted to update tekkit to 1.2.5? or will there be some way to convert the map?
  10. o srry sct i was having trouble locating the files location nvm i found it and fixed it TY Mate btw is this sct as in sct tekkit server im whitelisted on? o.o u own a forum to?
  11. i dont understand what im sapose to do to fix it............. ._.
  12. when he means friend he means me! HI draco! funny i found your forum topic while checking mine :3 anyway we were wondering this because we dont want our work to be for nothing o and fwi only items we have from forstry at all is apitie ore we havent built a single forestry item allthough i cant say for everybody......... ill have to check around
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