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  1. I love the texture pack.. and so glad there's a 64x texture pack for it as well ^.=.^
  2. @Jay?: The server is being run off of a Beastnode Server. So I don't know how he could get them to check the ram. @HalibutBarn: The owner says he's not using said plugin (NoLagg)
  3. I may have misspoke.. When I had meant 'scrambled' chunks.. i meant that the chunks' positions are scrambled.. i.e. they're not where they should be.
  4. The server-owner isn't using the multi-world plugin, and also these chunks are already PRE-existing.. not newly generated chunks.
  5. Title: Tekkit server scrambing chunks Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: Unknown, hosted on beastnode Java Version: Unknown, hosted on beastnode Description of Problem: What seems to happen is that the server scrambles and jumbles chunks around, shifting them around at random. Error Messages: Error Log:
  6. Honestly on this thread.. it seems that only Phuriousgeorge was nice enough to actually help magicman525, whereas everyone else was saying... "do it yourself" Backplague just basically said dump all the block ids... and that helps HOW to figure out which ones need LWC-ing? (answer.. it doesn't.. not without a BOATLOAD of sifting and work) Ledhead9000's idea works okay.. except for what about all the NEW items added to the game and others that are removed?
  7. Personally, while I can understand why you have to reset your password... it's kinda annoying that you have to log into your mail TWICE... once to confirm it, then to get the new password. Which if you're used to one password in one place.. you'll have to change it BACK. Thank goodness you don't have to confirm that! All that new-password stuff aside... the site has that huge-ass top-banner thing... it takes up like the whole first screen of EVERY page...
  8. I'll answer the question.. What you need to do is delete the proper folder (technic/tekkit) within the .techniclauncher folder. I had the same issue, and when i deleted said folder.. it seemed to work. Be warned though... you start up in NEI's CHEAT mode... so change the option to 'Recipe' mode or else you'll accidentally spawn things in that you don't want to.
  9. *nods* Honestly.. the thing i'm eager to see is this: Quarries.. and Thaumcraft 2's crystals. Can anyone say easy crystal gathering?!?
  10. So.... when ISN'T Tekkit going to be released? J/K
  11. You need to use the numpad.. not the numbers across the top of the keyboard. On a laptop.. you'd need to activate the 'function' key.. or FunctioN (FN) Lock to type those numbers... Just make sure if you use FN-lock.. to unlock them.. since they occupy part of the keyboard's area.
  12. A friend of mine is wondering if, when he switches maps, if there is a way to preserve the alchemical bag's inventory. I would assume that, since their inventories are independant of the level.dat of the map, that even though their inventories and such would be reset, all you would have to do is back up those 'independant' inventories, make the new map, and then cheat in or make another alchemical bag of the proper color and you'd be good-to-go. This is all conjecture mind you, so it would be helpful if you could confirm or deny my hypothesis.
  13. Especially when you MAKE people into scapegoat Kellers...
  14. *nods* makes sense. I just wonder if they're potentially going to change the block IDs of any EE/IC/BC stuff along the way as well?
  15. Jusupov... where is this 'mystical' converter tool you are talking about?
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