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  1. ​I agree, I'm done with TPPI1 for now. I'll setup a TPPI2 server when it comes out of open beta. If anyone wants a copy of the map files for TPPI1 just PM me.
  2. ​The server is still running, but has little traffic. Most people have moved the the FTB Infinity server, which has half a dozen or more people online on a daily basis (which is super nice). Speaking of the TPPI server, I'm going to be dialing back the resources it has access to so I can dedicated them to other projects. This is also in preparation for TPPI2 which is currently in an open beta.
  3. ​Added you to the whitelist dude, It's almost dead in here. The FTB Infinity server is pretty lively though: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/1-2-1-geistess-infinity-server-pve-20slots-minimalistic.71670/
  4. If you guys are talking about the Infinity server, we are now running 1.2.1
  5. Chances are the map will not reset, I did not reset the map for the TPPI server when I built it... so go nuts. I say that as I cannot think of any reason why I would need to reset the map.* As to brownie, Sorry bud, something popped up and I was in a rush to leave and forgot about PM'ing you the address. >.< It's the same address but on port 25575. Geisteskranken.com:25575
  6. There is currently an infinity server in a testing phase, I haven't had a moment to setup any of the plugins or permissions yet so thats why crepers are very annoying and there is no commands. You can play on the server currently, however there is a chance the map will be reset when I get all the plugins sorted out. @browniehound I've given you PRIVAC (Privileged Access), so feel free to explore the pack a bit, just keep in mind it's possible the map may be wiped in the future.
  7. Can't stop won't stop! Also concerning the RR server... There was some issues with the TPS and some concerns I had about player access, I'll give at another go in a few minutes on some more powerful hardware. The things I do for you guys.
  8. Your wish has been granted! We're all happy to have you here :3 Welcome aboard and send me a pm if you have any problems or inquiries!
  9. Added all four of you to the whitelist! If you're all still around, I'm sure you'll find your way eventually
  10. Three days, $75, and a new hard drive later and everything is back up and running!
  11. So uh. I know I said 8AM UTC... but that was a calculation based off an image 1/4th the size of the TPPI server. (whoop ) So... Wait a while longer please :3
  12. I'm not sure what the issue with the IRC channel would be...Other than GBot being disconnected Bad news is - as some of you know - the harddisk drive on the server died, Monday was a public holiday here so I wasn't able to buy a new disk until today. Good news is that I have the new disk! Two of them in fact! I'll be setting them up in a RAID 1 configuration so that this mess doesn't happen again. In further addition to the good news, It looks like I'll be able to recover all of the data from the damaged drive! Server should be up by 8AM UTC at the latest.
  13. It's quite alright Tatters I managed to fit it into my schedule between second breakfast and lunch
  14. All fixed buddy! Sorry about the delay, couldn't find the time. All better now though
  15. Yup, IRC is up and running proper now. Server is chat.freenode.net channel is #GeistesTPPI
  16. Added you two oldies onto the whitelist with your new IGN's and added you two noobies as well! Welcome back and welcome aboard everyone, Give me a yell if there are any problems or questions
  17. Addded you both to the whitelist, and congratulations to you RakovKreviech for buying Minecraft! You've made the right choice
  18. Just a quick update and a minor announcement. Things have gone smoothly and the fixed map is being uploaded to the server as we speak. As for the announcement; In order to keep the tick time under 50ms I ask you to keep chunk-loaders to a minimum. In concordance with this, I have removed all chunk loaders placed by users who have not logged into the server in over a month. This is to reduce the tick time back into a nominal range.
  19. Hello all, I'm removing the block that is responsible for the world corruption as we speak. Tatters has decided against pursuing a career as a beeologist, So we probably wont have this issue again. Please be aware the map size is in the range of tens of gigabytes, and when working with files this large most operations do tend to take a while to complete. I expect to have the server back online in about an hour and a half. ETA: 2:00 pm Wednesday, 18 February 2015 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  20. Haha, It's not a huge problem, I'm going to remove the block that is causing the error and then use that map. That way we do not have to roll back. Tatters I've PM'd you the coordinates of the block in question.
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