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  1. Just wanted to mention the server's .com address is now working, there was a spelling error I overlooked :3 So for all of you whom have been having issues with the .com address, check the spelling Geisteskranken.com:25565
  2. I could have sworn I added you without the period... Oh well! You're white-listed now!
  3. Hello there solomonmiron, is "boy" your minecraft accounts username?
  4. Added you both to the whitelist. Geistes's TPPI Sevrer for folks from USA. USA. USA.
  5. As some form of a status update; at this point in time everything is operational and running. If you have any issues resolving the host name "Geisteskranken.com" this is likely a cached record. If that's the case you can connect via the IP address directly, should you not want to however, you can PM me and I will assist you in flushing your DNS records. The server has been upgraded and now operates in a very cushy bubble of resources, if you have any problems please let me know. The server has also been relocated to Fremont, CA as most of the player base is in the USA. We are still acc
  6. I finished server maintenance a few hours ago, but the address associated with "Geisteskranken.com" has been changed, if your ISP is lame or you computer hasn't updated you will need to flush your DNS records. In the mean time, the new address associated with Geisteskranken.com is
  7. Sorry I missed you there, "Bad Login" is usually an error with your accounts sync with Minecraft.net. Usually fixed by restarting the client.
  8. Added you all! That's something I should add to the server thread. We are group friendly Because what is TPPI for but playing with your friends?
  9. Hola, Mokkamann98, Dovregubben98, and wolfleaf. I've whitelisted all of you, welcome aboard Again if you have any issues, just let me know.
  10. I would first ask that you check you spelt Geisteskranken.com correctly If there really is an issue for you to resolve the name, try connecting to the IP address directly:
  11. Hey there Sh_Guest, I've added you to the whitelist, same rules apply about asking for help See you online
  12. You're on the list too, same rules apply, if you need anything or have any concerns, just let me know
  13. Whiteliste'd you :3 Welcome aboard! Let me know if you have an issues.
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