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  1. Well, I'll see about going on there as well, I like playing with you guys
  2. Well, if anyone wants to still play with me, I am on a server that is close to FTB ultimate but they got tired of waiting for the update and made a custom pack, so far it seems like a good enough server you can find the info here and the website where you can get the pack here to get the pack you will have to make an account on the site
  3. As for my thoughts on making our own modpack, I'm not entirely sure, on the upside as has been said before, we choose the mods included (I know I would like to get thaumcraft in if possible, I was just watching direwolf and there are a few changes coming in 1.6.2), on the downside, we have to figure out any bugs ourselves really, due to the different combinations of mods and all that. Plus like uber said, we have to keep it up to date ourselves. Whatever we end up doing, we would not have to restart the map, I have a few tricks that can change id's over as needed, and I am sure I could figure out how to do reverse ore gen
  4. wait what, how did that happen? First, you say that dim doors cause more lag than mystcraft, then you suggest we eliminate mystcraft to be honest I think we eliminate Dim doors, I think everyone on here long enough remembers our disastrous first attempt with Dim Doors when Big Dig was first added as for getting from one place to another in the overworld quickly, we can make intra-linking panels
  5. I was just asking because I saw that they made the latest version recommended ah, alright
  6. also, I turned off the planters on my farm, I'll just let the harvesters do their thing
  7. nvm, I'm back on, also, would you be able to tell me where my quarry is, I kind of forgot to mark down where it was
  8. so apparently I raged so hard because of my latest failure at coding that minecraft refuses to join the server w/out crashing
  9. oops, sorry about the construct redstone and the server's down again
  10. We just got the server back, and it's down again . Ah well, I'm sure you guys are working on it when you can
  11. Tub, Don't worry about it. You shouldn't have to be sorry over not being able to restart the server due to the death of a relative, like you said that takes priority. Sorry for your loss