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  1. Thanks to MC1996, this modpack now has it's own an awesome icon! Check it out at the top of the page!
  2. It's not necessary to have a bunch of information repeated, but I will improve the pack description and I added a mod list to this thread.
  3. Lots of content as been added! Make sure to check out the Minecraft Forum for a full changelog!
  4. Neither of you really answered my question. . . what's the source of the conflict?
  5. Um, because I am asking a legitimate question?
  6. I'm pretty new to the whole FTB vs Technic, and don't really have an opinion either way. I understand that FTB wants to give mod developers their recognition for their hours of hard work, and Technic wants to give the general population an easy way to make their own modpacks. Both sides have equally valid reasons, which is why I don't understand why they just can't agree to disagree.
  7. I'm looking for someone to test/play my modpack. Link to it is in my signature.
  8. So which do you prefer? RPG or Tech based modpacks?
  9. I'm a human being. I bet you've never seen one of those before.

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      10 bucks says this is a very elaborate bot.
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      I've seen a lot of bots on here.
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      I'm not just any bot . . . MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha . . . eh, whatever.
  10. You imply two things with that comment: you are the only one who has a "good" modpack for 1.7.10 that has adequate permissions, and that all other modpacks for 1.7.10 either are "bad" or don't have permissions.
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