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  1. This is a new server come and join us! Factions and its allowed to raid, team up with some friends. Its played on tekkit classic Not much banned items, give ideas if something should be unbanned. This server need staff and players so Join right now! Our server is very friendly Ip: technicvill.omgcraft.fr:12518 http://www.techvillage.enjin.com/home //jonis1837
  2. I know how to prevent it... Only want people to know his name. And I wrote "Tell me if Im on wrong forum :)"
  3. Nope he got Oil derrick 2.5, Then he just switch to creative. If the server delete NotEnoughtItems-Bukkit in the folder Mods Its patched!
  4. Attention I want to warn every tekkit claissic server cause I saw this guy totally griefed spawn on a server with creative glitch. Name: Norwegian02 Tell me if Im on wrong forum Screenshot ---> http://prntscr.com/5b6air I hope everyone remeber him/his name as the griefer!
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