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  1. This may be in the wrong place and i am sorry The mod i think should be in TEKKIT is mo creatures its multiplayer and its for 1.2.5 so please put it in TEKKIT
  2. sorry about that i forgot to mention this Launcher version 1.0.13 Modpack Tekkit 2.1.1 OS win7 64bit Java java 7 64bit server allocation 1gb Client allocation 2gb sorry dont have logs yet
  3. hi i run a server on 1gb ram and i play on it with one other guy but for some reason the transposer doesnt work or the filter yes i know the filter needs a pulse i used a timer and also ee swiftwolf doesnt do the r affrect for some reason please help am i doing something wrong?
  4. ok when i start the tekkit server it works but ee swiftwolf the r key doesnt do anything and sounds dont work
  5. hi i also have very bad frames per second here is my spec 3gb ram (few weeks time 8gb) intel core processor i3 not sure about graphics card laptop 64 bit windows java 7 i dont hhave bad fps when not recording its just when i start i have bad fps pls help any suggestions besides new computer im on a dell aswell
  6. THe Link isnt working for me it just comes up with white screen please help
  7. all you need is java 7 it happened to me just install java 7 and then run it
  8. TheLemon


    when i start the server everything works but the computer it saids have you correctly installed computercraft sorry if this is not a lot to go on. Just asking for any fixes