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  1. ok, i'm good. it was dragonapi, i had to delete the buildcraft folder inside of it, but i took dragonapi out completely as we dont need it game launched just fine thank you for everything, you will be thanked in the credits
  2. alright, thanks. i fixed it, not the configs yet, how do i generate them? don't i just run it? and the bc, i included project red, which is pretty much red power. anywho i will run it like you suggested in ftb since i can add the mods through the launcher, unless there's something specifically for that lol. anywho, thanks again, i will post my results
  3. alright, i just finished making this one, added all the mods he had in his and a few extra. all downloaded from the original authors sites. it doesn't launch for me, im guessing it has to do with classes and nei? here's the url though http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/corruptpack-beta-12
  4. ok, well i renamed it, and removed the resonant engine from the core mods(not supposed to be there) and from the mods folder, i got to the biomes oplenty screen and then it closed and went back to the launcher. console didn't say it crashed. im gonna just try and remake the enitre pack lol ._. since you know more than me, maybe you can help me by pointing out the mistakes made? if that's not too much to ask for
  5. i just booted into windows 8, launched it, and it worked fine? maybe it's a linux issue? i will remake the pack for him in linux to see if that fixes anything.
  6. hmmm, i will contact my friend then. i did think it was strange to see the installer in the /mods folder, although for the others who used it, they have no issues and have been playing for a while now. anywho, thanks
  7. My friend just made his own pack and a server, he gave us all the links, we all downloaded it to the launcher and such, we all saved it to our desktop. it worked for them, but for me it launches vanilla minecraft instead of the modpack. i checked the location and everything is ok, the files and stuff are in their folders. i don't know what i did wrong to be honest? any ideas ................................................................................................... Modpack link: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/corruptpack-beta Console Log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9357401/
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