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  1. ​Hi, there Geistes I am still living. But i have so much to do for my Bachelor Thesis and for my work, that i am not really able to play atm. But i would love to check out TPPI2. Definitely. So as soon as you start a new server with TPPI2 i am in! I would love to continue playing Minecraft with TPPI2 on your server. (it was the best server till now i was ever on) What is that FTB Infinity Server? Why is everybody moving there? Cheers, Caschque.
  2. I wanted to ask whether it would be possible to change the config for computercraft so that github.com is allowed as well. on the version 1.6.3 it is not allowed. -> change in computercraft.cfg whitelist=*computercraft.info,... ,*github.com (i believe) thanks cheers, Caschque.
  3. Well that is even more fantastic. Thanks for adding them and sry for that "he". Didn't know that. That gives you a bonus . @tigerfrog555: Yes of course. Ask _Ascendant_ or Mokka. I think they ll just need the coord where it connects to your base. As of last update they said there would be 6 bases connected. with 14k blocks in total. When i took the unfinished rail once i went for about 15 min. I'm not that often online though. And not looking into forums that often either, but i m trying to help.
  4. Hey :D Check your Private Messages!

  5. A friend of mine wants to play actually 2 friends. Age) They are 23 and 16 (my brother). IGN) Names are: Apocaleptica and Hikshood Location) both in Germany How long playing) Since beta both (i got them to play minecraft so i was first ) What keeps you playing minecraft) both because of creativity and playing cooperativly. But mods add a whole new dimension to it. (mostly me persuading them to play modpacks ^^) They may write a reply here too. One is stuck with the email activation, that s why i m asking for them here. PS: Btw, this server is just awesome. There s almost always 2-5 ppl online and it s super fun. We just connected all the bases (2 other guys) via railcraft. Some nice projects in the future. (Base in the ocean, etc.) I give geistes all the credit. Awesome server. and he really cares about, when sth is not working and has know-how.
  6. IGN) caschque Age) 22 Location) Germany How long have you been playing Minecraft) Since Alpha (though can't remember which version exactly. can remember the times of 127 stacks and easy duplication) What keeps you playing Minecraft?) I keep coming back. Everytime the complexity that you can have is so amazing, of combining things together. Just playing around with it. Technical aspects (tekkit, etc.) are fun to do as well as redstone stuff in mc vanilla) AND interaction with other ppl. Friends that you can share your stuff that you made and improve it can be much fun.
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