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  1. Hey geistes, sorry for not being on as often as usual. I was just wondering, did you disable the IRC? Whenever I try to connect to it now, it just says "connecting" and doesn't do anything. Thanks! EDIT: I just noticed that the server is down. Any reason for that? :D
  2. IGN) Cavosify Location) Earth How long have you been playing Minecraft) about 2 years What keeps you playing Minecraft?) Some of the people I meet from playing it become some of my best friends and I get to create stuff that I couldn't create normally IRL. Hey Geistes! Just applying for a friend -tigerfrog555
  3. IGN) Herobryne523 Location) Earth How long have you been playing Minecraft) "year and a half maybe?" What keeps you playing Minecraft?) New servers, awesome updates and the joy of freebuild. Just applying for my cousin :)
  4. Hey, Geistes. Just wanted to tell you I believe TPPI 2 has been unofficially released. I don't think its on the launcher yet, but https://github.com/TPPIDev/TestPackPleaseIgnore2 Edit:Im having a problem with the IRC. I connect, and whenever I try to say something, it says '' '' is an unknown command. Help!
  5. Sorry for not being on for a while guys, I reset my computer and am currently coming back from camping. I was wondering, what's the address for the IRC? I'd like to still kinda be on the server :D
  6. Update: I think it's been too long for a reset, and the server is just DOWN now. You know, refused to connect: connect or whatever. I guess that means Gei is working on it either that or it just shut down but, sue me Im an optimist
  7. It says Can't reach server, and whenever I try to join it just sits there at logging in. Also, on a slightly unrelated note, I tried to join the server and all my Server's on my multiplayer list disappeared. I was meaning to get rid of them anyway, but I still cannot join the server again D:
  8. Hey, why is the server down? Whenever I try to join, it says end of stream.
  9. Hey :D Check your Private Messages!

  10. Caschque, I was wondering, when I get on, could I be part of those bases connected by Railcraft? I love neighbors Hope to see you online soon!
  11. IGN) tigerfrog555 Age) (Rather not share ) Location) United States How long have you been playing Minecraft) Since.....well a LONG, LONG time. 1.1 or earlier. What keeps you playing Minecraft?) Everyone is so...creative. New things are being invented every day, and I've been there to watch it all from the beginning. I once played on a server just like this one, but Direwolf20. I loved it to death, but took a break to return to regular MC. When I heard about TPPI, I wanted the same experience
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