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  1. Oh gawd not the bees! Will the electric engine that forestry added be put back in? I loved that, and the ones in now don't run directly off of generators. Minor thing, but it was still handy.
  2. It did something this time. Are you magic? I got to the startup screen. Last time I tried the jar with java it wouldn't open
  3. I finally got rid of norton. I now have MSE. Unfortunately that didn't work.
  4. I read the stickie on anti viruses and noticed it there. Will do.
  5. Norton internet security. Like I said, no logs. Can't run the .jar as it is currently win rar archive fromat. If I was to go download the .jar directly it would come as an archive faster than I could change the format. I assume it's supposed to be a java file.
  6. Would you like it here on this post or as an email?
  7. Launcher Version: 1.01.2 (Todays) OS: 64-bit Version of Java: 7 I have the error where the technic launcher will not open. I have read the common problems and solutions, which didn't help me at all. I tried installing 32 and 64 bit java 7. I had java 7 before trying this. Installing java didn't work. I tried uninstalling java, and reinstalling it. That didn't work either. Before trying this I had 64 bit java 7. When I go to open the technic launcher all I get is checking version for half a second before it disappears. Link to pastebin of log: No log in .techniclauncher or in the win rar archive inside it. When I opened the .techniclauncher there was only the archive file. I got the newest launcher, (because the one I had was out of date) ran it, and nothing happened besides it flashed updating launcher for half a second. I ran it after that and had the same problem as with the old launcher. I'm guessing it's because I have the archive instead of a .jar, but I don't know for sure. I can't download the .jar because instead of being a java executable file like it's apparently supposed it comes as a win rar file. That's everything.
  8. Good idea, since you never know who does and doesn't unless you hear their voice. And even then...
  9. I have the same problem. I installed both java 7 64 and 32, and the jdk 64 bit. Nothing is working. I know my system uses 64 bit. After downloading jdk it said you already have a newer version installed. I don't know what to do