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  1. oh good, just making sure. any server you're hanging out on now?

  2. Sup leon. Haven't heard from you in a while, just checking if you're still alive and everything.

    1. joxer


      dead, so totally dead...

  3. Alright i see where this is going, your right pikachu i got no idea what english is, im a troll pretending to be pseudo intellectual -- bingo pikachu, are you mature enough to comprehend this?
  4. i thought your supposed to use the LV transformer when feeding regular machines from an MFE ontopic you better make this topic into a trolling duplicate of a typical bug report and hope you don't get probated for posting something this stupid in the BUG REPORT section
  5. mate please read this before you make any more treads in the bug report section ontopic, make sure your using 64bit java
  6. or you could do it the lazy way, you do have EE installed so pump some lava out of it and feed it into some geothermal generators ( else you could make an infinite water source, use deployers with buckets to grab some each time and sync several water mill ) this is best accomplished with pneumatic tubes and is quite laggy if you don't calculate it right or simply, brutally overload it edit damn you freekill --respect
  7. there's no right and wrong debating me, in no way did anything i've intended to say questioned the act i only questioned the particular reason. Jakj going down is something i never imagined happening, with all due respect i stared with my mouth wide open after i read the tread. i felt towards that issue to be as taboo towards the forum as i feel now towards the posts i made in this tread, its a valid point of view in the end, only question about it is whether or not it should be discussed openly or not. offtopic # its like a kick in my balls when people get my name wrong, i've been called joker before.. but never with a capital latter!! # was just going through your comics after checking out power crystal's tread on MCF
  8. place that .bat file inside of the tekkit folder make a link to it if you want to launch tekkit from your desktop or whatever and btw, do you have java installed? your comp may not be finding it ( if you do have it installed and the .bat file is inside of the tekkit folder )
  9. Re: Anyone Got Any Pro-tips? mr obvious asking about pro tips? i guess i've got none got to level 20 in two hours simply by assuming its not minecraft >_> travel all the time, kill and raid everything you see, get bored fast... play as warrior, stack up health and damage, try not to take damage if your playing alone, if you dont do your mate's a favour and keep the mobs away from, charge them, push them away & get back so others could dps you really dont need any special strategy at this point anyone who calls themselves pro's at hack/ - i facepalm at you
  10. about when i started using mine, a variation of it atleast. serves as a meme, all that matters is the intention. been playing gothic since the first one came out.. its funny how precise you are, most probably cried in a corner as quietly as they could when they saw your name. for they remember.
  11. @OP Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: net/minecraft/server/mod_IC2AdvancedMachines : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 can only suggest you are not launching the technic launcher using java 7 + 1 for xardas for beating me to suggesting it + 1 for xardas for being a fellow mascot of an epic being. altho Gothic 4 is a piece of garbage
  12. joxer

    Stupid Veirfy

    awww what a shame.. a baby smart enough to type is already swearing ask your parents to buy minecraft for you
  13. apparently i have missed that part, what can ya say about new guys eh.. ran a search and got a stupefying amount of results. i do hate when it happens. still 6-12 decent posts by two guys don't seem like that big of a deal, am bit sad for em.. but im done arguing here, i take the fault Jay
  14. your not saying nothing you haven't already said in previous posts, but i guess replaying to what i said would cause us going offtopic eh? only thing i can say ontopic is that probating them for that debate, deleting it and ignoring that POV seems to me the only way that it can seem. and silence...
  15. that happens to 90% of the treads.. and it doesn't ever prevent anyone from going back on topic. lets be honest, the absolute most of the people that open the tread, read the OP and try the pack with the intention to report back- wont replay to any of the posts. they'll replay to the OP not often are "Nuh-uh" and "uh-huh" used represent a worthy debate on the internet the debate they had was no more offtopic than the warning you gave to OP but apparently OP decided to ignore that subject completely. accepting the fact that most treads are hijacked, i find the issue that Jakj and Naturam were debating on is one of the most ignored issues on this forum not like i blame anyone for probating Jakj and Naturam as i see it today ideologically debating copyrights is something that's better done in the shadows and the 'dark parts' of the internet.
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