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  1. Could you update the Thaumcraft Zombie, its horrible vanillaness jars a little. PS I've been trying to find the cursor in the images so I can increase it (old eyes) but I can't locate it. Do you have a location?
  2. Depressive Humanist..

  3. Totally unable to get past 3.24 in the video, keep trying but keep waking up on the floor, covered in drool and with a blinding headache. Seriously though, looking really good, is it going to be Forge and Technic compliant?
  4. If you reinstall, don't forget to back up and TOTALLY wipe your previous folder.
  5. yer mi luncher not work. But I've never had a problem since I installed Avast.
  6. Recheck your ipconfig for the ip address you need to enter, they change sometimes.
  7. Bjorn Borg and John Mcenroe are both 'mature servers' by now but that may not be entirely relevant.
  8. OK, the Tree Tap has an extra pixel, just floating above the main body, (very distracting when you walk). But please don't see this as moaning, its a genuine attempt to help as I use your pack by default now. Edit, best I update to 0.7 just to be sure though.
  9. Would you be interested in misplaced pixels and such? Or shall I keep my ungrateful nose out? :)
  10. i haz hd mi accunt hakked, it wuz when i dn ludded tuchnic frm the pirat forum cuz dey hd mudkips sparklefarts mod n is ur falt. (it is bloody hard to type like that) Still, at least he's not that woman who's going to sue for being Kellered.
  11. Yes and sometimes there are penetrating comments and plenty of suckers.
  12. Unbreaking love and support although I'm not sure what http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9-12_Project has to do with anything. As for Hentai, it reminds me of this forum, there may be tentacles going every where but they eventually get to the point.
  13. A true American hero has passed away, a man who showed what the best of America could achieve when they worked together. And he did it all with a team of slide ruled engineers supporting him and less computing power than is used on this site. May your memory follow us through our great journeys, we followed you on yours.
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