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  1. Everything within a massive distance from spawn is griefed, no protection plugins installed whatsoever, and admins are non-responsive. 3/10
  2. I feel the need to tell you that your economy is fairly borked, as with most servers that don't use emc values or extremely low selling prices in shops. Ex: Buy 1 mk3 collector, 70$ or so, transmute into condensers and sell for 30$ each.
  3. The point was that nobody could give me a straight answer without trolling me. I simply asked "where can I find a 'complete' list?" Answers I got were: forums (no info there), website (same thing as forums), and the post (here which lacked mentioning the weapons mod). Reasons I ask is that a lot of servers disable mods like BC and CC and certain parts of RP without mentioning it anywhere on their posts. Good day sir.
  4. Server looks acceptable now that its all fixed. I wouldn't dare go in, I'm afraid of ponies that have mind control powers over teenage men.
  5. I liek how there is no banned items list, and the "moderators" can't give a straight answer.
  6. 104% is some pretty darn good protection! Recently, I've found a few ways to damage people in quantum armor. When struck by lightning, not generated from an item that is part of EE (Random happenstance or command), the player will take 4 hearts of damage. Also, when struck with a potion of damage, players take damage as if they had no armor on whatsoever.
  7. Gem armor is meant for 90% protection. Quantum is supposed to be veeeryy close to 100%.
  8. These ideas are great, but there may be an even easier way if you have WorldGuard installed. In the blacklist on WorldGuard you can set the Watch of Flowing Time to delete it from a player's inventory if they have it, and to stop it from being interacted with. Same goes for the pedestal. There is also a great plugin I have recently been directed towards called NoItem, which can block many of the different interact actions assosicated with an item. Link to NoItem - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/noitem/
  9. Name: luckdemon Age: 16 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town): Not currently, maybe later. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? Yes All the time. what is the purpose of a macerator? Makes ore into dust. Recommendations(if you been invited): No. Do i get a bonus? Others things i should know: Eastern Standard Time, friends with FryCookGamer definitely want a good community with non-abusive admins.
  10. Whats your ign? So why were you banned from that server? The admins were immature anyways.

  11. IGN - luckdemon Age - 16 Have you ever been banned? Why? Nope Experience with Tekkit? I wanna be, the very best, that noone ever was. Why do you want on the server? Seems like a cool place where I can chill out in my free time, that has some nice Admins/Moderators. If there is one thing that stops me from joining other servers, its the admins.
  12. Luck, Id love to play on a server with you again but after you got banned, so did I. If you find a good server or know of one, Let me know. :D

  13. oh good, just making sure. any server you're hanging out on now?

  14. A good suggestion for any tekkit server is to reboot it regularly, such as once every few hours. This should minimize any lag.
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